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Re: Facing issues with database

Geplaatst: 16 sep 2021, 13:28
door Hiranthi Herlaar
Hi Kemilla,

When you're migrating a WordPress website it's usually not necessary to make a fresh install on the target location (unless you're using a plugin for this that states in their documentation that a fresh install is needed).

If the website you want to migrate is still active on the source-hosting, I recommend importing that installation with Installatron (Dutch manual):
- ... importeren

Another option is to transfer the files to the public_html folder (on the hostingpackage with us) through FTP and manually make a new database (which you've done). And then login to phpMyAdmin to import the exported database to the new one.

After that it's important that all environment specific settings are adjusted to the new environment (ie. the upload_path in the `*_options` table, database settings in the `wp-config.php`).